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Relationships. Context. Performance.
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The Company Overview

Brown Hill is an entrepreneurial, design-driven development firm, with a history of successful residential and commercial developments in the Metropolitan New York and Philadelphia regions.

Brown Hill is not about business as usual. We are about Relationships… with the community, with our financial partners, with our tenants and residents. We are about Context… creating projects that are appropriate, responsible and help shape their neighborhoods. We are about Performance… consistently building projects that deliver financial success. We are about Details, Collaboration, Innovation, Credibility and Style.

We seize the opportunity to differentiate our products by creating buildings of independent spirit that function as well as they are designed, appointed and built.
Our formula is a simple one: a great plan, backed by visionary, talented and hardworking leaders, equals distinct, financially sound and successful projects. In other words, it is our people and our projects that truly set us apart.